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Long Distance Assistance

I would like to take a moment to show my sincere gratitude for your assistance in helping me sell my home in Illinois.  You all went above and beyond the call of duty.  I cannot thank you enough.  It was truly a pleasure having you as my agents and answering all of my questions.  I wish I had another home to sell in the northern suburbs of Illinois.  If I did, you would be the first people that I would call.  You didn't have to do many of the things that you had done for me, but you did.  Words cannot express enough the sincere thanks that you deserve.  Thank you so much!

Home Sweet Home! 

Jeff and Jen were referred to Sue and Ron by another agent from their home town.  They were first-time home buyers, and the agent was a friend of Jeff's parents - she wanted to make sure they would be well cared for.  They loved the Home Buyers Guide that Sue and Ron had written.  Full of information about the home buying process, it made them feel comfortable.  They looked at a number of houses and found a great one - only one problem - the seller decided he may not want to sell!  Patience is a virtue - they kept looking, but really liked that home.  Then the seller decided he was going to move, and they got it!  They were ecstatic!  They purchased the home for $228,000.  Now it was two years later, and they were being transferred.  Jeff and Jen called Sue and Ron to sell their home.  They had redecorated the home and it was neutral and immaculate.  Sue and Ron felt they could get top dollar for the home.  The last two in their neighborhood had sold at $238,000 and $254,000.  The Pickard Group priced the home at $269,900, which was $10,000 higher than the last listing price.  Jeff and Jen chose the most aggressive marketing plan offered by the Pickard Group, which included a virtual tour, capillary and technology marketing in addition to traditional methods.  Three offers were quickly secured on the home and it sold for $272,500, which was $7,500 more than they had hoped for!  Jeff and Jen referred two clients to Sue and Ron before they left!

Bigger is Better! 

Jeff and Michele wanted to start a family.  Even though their town home was large enough to accommodate one child, they felt they wanted a single family home.  Jeff and Michele met Sue and Ron when they bought their town home;  they were the listing agents on the home.  Even though they used another agent as their representative to buy, after the home had closed, they called Sue when they had questions.  When it was time to make a new move, it was only natural that they call Sue and Ron.  Jeff and Michele loved the Home Finder's Service.  They believe they would not have been able to find this home without it, since homes were selling extremely quickly in the area where they wanted to live.  Sue and Ron coordinated both contracts and possession at their convenience, not only finding a great home, but selling their previous home for top dollar.  Jeff and Michele have referred four new clients to Sue and Ron.

A Dream Come True! 

Karen had always wanted her own home. After her divorce, it didn't seem possible.  She worked hard to repair her credit which had been destroyed.  Her children were grown and she hated renting.  Karen saved some money for a down payment and, after restoring her credit, she met with a lender.  The lender referred her to Sue and Ron, knowing they would take good care of her.  Karen really wanted to keep her payments low, so she wanted a condo or small town home.  She loved the Home Finder's Service, she read her emails every day!  After looking at a number of homes, Karen found the perfect condo with a great location.  Karen has been happily living in her own home ever since!

Older Children, Bigger Home! 

Mike's kids were getting bigger (so were their friends!) and there just wasn't enough space for everyone.  Mike felt it was time to move to a bigger home with a basement.  Mike had purchased his home on White Branch with Sue and Ron after being referred to them by a co-worker.  He was impressed with their honesty,  He said they were the only Realtors he knew that would walk into a house and say, "You are NOT buying this!"  Mike knew exactly where he wanted to live, so after looking at a few homes in the area, he found exactly what he wanted for his family.  Sue and Ron negotiated strongly on his behalf and he was very happy with the price and terms of his new home.  Mike thought he had a buyer for his current home, but after Sue and Ron showed him what he could get for the home if he listed it with them, and sold it in a week.  He netted $5,250 more than selling it himself!

Our First Home!

Per and Kristin's lease was ending and they really wanted to buy their own home.  They didn't have a lot saved for a down payment and weren't sure if they could buy.  They met with the Pickard Group for a consultation and found that they actually had two or three options on how to purchase a home.  Sue and Ron recommended they get pre-approved for a loan as they started the home-finding process.  They were so excited that they referred their neighbors to Sue and Ron before they even saw one house!  After searching for a few weeks, they found the perfect home and now they and their dogs are happily enjoying the home and yard!

We're Getting Married!

Scott had been referred to Sue by another real estate agent when he bought his town home two years ago.  He was dating Vicki, who owned a condo, and she had come with Scott to help him make a decision on his purchase.  Now they were getting married and wanted a single family home of their own.  Sue and Ron sold both Vicki?s condo and Scott?s town home and them find their beautiful new home to start their life together.  Scott and Vicki have referred two co-workers to them in the last three months!