Low Cost Curb Appeal Boosters


When it comes time to list a home for sale, there are a number of different ways sellers can increase the curb appeal of their home substantially at a relatively low cost. One of the improvements is a fresh coat of paint on trim, windows, or wood siding. Although some painted areas are small and often hard to see from the street, unsightly chips in window trim or worn and discolored paint on window shutters often alert potential buyers to how poorly a home has been maintained no matter how green and weed-free the grass or how well-trimmed the walkways are.

Pillar To Post inspectors suggest some tips sellers in an effort to get the best offers on their homes.

The first thing to do is to make a visual walk around the exterior of the home, which can take a few minutes but should be thorough and not rushed. Sellers should use the same mindset as buyers and look for any possible things buyers will use to negotiate a lower the offer on the home. For example, water damage around door frames and windows can often indicate a problem, even if the problem has been addressed and repaired.

Water-damaged wood may not need to be replaced but it certainly needs to be cleaned and painted.

Mold and mildew can also leave telltale signs that a simple clean-up and a fresh coat of paint can remedy. Even well-maintained homes will show their age over time and dull or discolored paint can be easily covered with a new, fresh coat.

Once identified, sellers can determine if a professional painter can do the best job or if it only requires a little extra elbow grease - whatever fits the household budget. If they choose to use a contractor, homeowners should get references and specifics as to length of job and all additional charges. Ideally, all costs and job specifics should be in writing. But in most cases, simple paint jobs won't require a contractor. Most homeowners can be do-it-yourselfers with a can of paint, paint roller, paint brush, some tape, and plastic tarps - and a lot of patience. Any painting tips are readily available online or at local hardware stores.

A beautiful lawn, new garage door, flower bed or neatly trimmed shrubs can all add to the curb appeal of a home. But an unsightly, peeling window sill can quickly negate all of the good physical attributes. If homeowners want a quick "SOLD" sign on their lawn, a fresh coat of paint can go a long way!